CP-Symbols HVAC & Piping Series includes a basic library for symbols and standardized elements that are used in mechanical projects.
CP-Symbols HVAC & Piping Series consists of five libraries. Each library can be bought separately, as a series or in a CP-Symbols Suite package.
General symbolsCP-Symbols HVAC & Piping - General symbols 130 €
Industrial systemsCP-Symbols HVAC & Piping - Industrial systems 130 €
Radiators, objectsCP-Symbols HVAC & Piping - Radiators, objects 130 €
VentilationCP-Symbols HVAC & Piping - Ventilation 130 €
Flowcharts and diagramsCP-Symbols - Flowcharts and diagrams
130 €
CP-Symbols HVAC & Piping SeriesCP-Symbols HVAC & Piping Series (includes all 5 libraries)
650 € 260 €
CP-Symbols HVAC & Piping SeriesCP-Symbols Electrical SeriesCP-Symbols Mechanical SeriesCP-Symbols Architectural SeriesCP-Symbols Suite (includes all 4 series) 2210 € 520 €

A more extensive program is CADprofi HVAC & Piping - read more...

HVAC - General symbols library possesses the most important symbols used in heating, water, sewage, fire safety and other technological

In the HVAC - General symbols library the following symbols categories can be found:

  • armature (e.g. valves, pumps, reducers, filters, steam traps, cocks),
  • refrigeration,
  • connections (e.g. fixed points, connections, joints),
  • lines (e.g. gate valves, reducers, line endings),
  • angle armature,
  • sensors, control (e.g. thermometers, outside temperature sensors, manometers),
  • equipment (e.g. couplings, heat exchangers, diaphragms actuators),
  • fire protection (e.g. hydrants, spray flooding systems, sprinklers),
  • objects (e.g. drinking water heaters, diaphragm extension tanks, boilers),
  • household articles,
  • risers (e.g. venting risers, sewage system risers),
  • distributors,
  • marks (e.g. level, slope symbols, overflow arrows, arrows, routing designations),
  • sewage (e.g. gate valves, line endings),
  • other (e.g. arrows, inspection glasses, overflow arrows, bends).

HVAC - Industrial systems library possesses the most important symbols used in industrial installations schemes and P&ID schemes.

In the HVAC - Industrial systems library the following symbols categories can be found:

  • industrial systems (armature and equipment, devices, measurement instruments, others),
  • P&ID signs- ISO 3511 and DIN 19 227 (standard with fixed length, expanded with an additional label, expanded with an optional label, adjust level, pressure controller, other),
  • process control - ISO 3511 and DIN 19 227 (sensors, transducers, controllers, actuators, actuators and accessories, devices adjusting, conversion of analog signal, the impact of the binary signal into an analog, others),
  • piping - DIN 2429 (lines, connections and fittings, general armature, flange armature, welded armature, socked armature, socked-welded armature, threaded armature, actuators, other equipment),
  • vacuumtechnik - DIN 28401 (e.g. vacuum pumps, condensate traps, cold traps, vacuum gauges),
  • ANSI/ISA-5.1 standard (P&ID signs, measurement symbols: primary elements, measurement symbols: secondary instruments, instrument to process and equipment connections, instrument-to-instrument connections, final control element symbols, final control element actuator symbols, self-actuated final control element symbol, control valve failure and de-energized position indications, functional diagramming symbols, binary logic symbols, electrical schematic symbols, ANSI/ISA 1992 symbols),
  • ANSI symbols (exchangers, pip, tanks and vessels, pump and blower, flow elements, armature, valve operators, equipment, others),
  • NORSOK symbols (e.g. axial fans, grille diffusers, exchange air coolers, tanks).

HVAC - Radiators, objects library contains sanitary equipment, radiators and other objects used in plans and strand diagrams.

In the HVAC - Radiators, objects library the following symbols categories can be found:

  • plumbing objects (top and front views are available),
  • faucets,
  • fire protection (e.g. hydrants, sprinklers - top and front views are available),
  • home appliances (top and front views are available),
  • radiators (plans and schemes views are available),
  • devices (e.g. boilers, hot water heaters, open extension tanks - plan, front and side views are available).

HVAC - Ventilation library possesses a database of basic symbols used in ventilation and air condition installations by PN and DIN

In the HVAC - Ventilation library the following symbols categories can be found:

  • EN 12792 (symbols - e.g. fans, dampers, air heaters, air coolers; other - e.g. outlets, weather protection grilles, heat exchangers),
  • DIN 1946-1 (symbols, automation),
  • Polish symbols (symbols - e.g. filters, heaters, dampers, air anemostats),
  • automatic marks (e.g. object dimension, rectangular duct cross section, circular duct label),
  • marks (e.g. flow label, overflow arrow).

Flowcharts and diagrams library contains symbols that are used in block schemes in many branches.

In the Flowcharts and diagrams library the following symbols categories can be found:

  • algorithms (basic symbols, loops and data processing, input/output devices, storage and memory, determine the relationship, additional),
  • functional diagrams (symbols - e.g. action, initial step, order; diagrams feature - e.g. connection, disconnection, pulse timer),
  • network (computer nets - e.g. scanner, outlet, computer terminal; network location, servers, servers mounted in racks, other - e.g. fax, cell phone),
  • BPMN - Business Process Modeling Notation (events, gateways, activities, activity markers, task types, data),
  • persons,
  • other (e.g. arrows, crossings),
  • entity relationship (e.g. 1 to many, zero to one),
  • examples (network scheme, algorithm of the quadratic equation, functional scheme, flowchart: electric, block scheme technological, BPMN scheme).

CP-Symbols program also contains general commands:

  • Lines (pipes, ducts, cables) – this function allows to draw single-line lines in a schematic view.
  • Frames and tables – contains a library of basic frames and drawing tables.
  • Attributes and descriptions – is used to edit attribute values of one or many symbols.
  • Bill of materials – is used to create specifications from elements used in the drawing.

CADprofi OEM

  • Access to libraries of many well-known electrical and HVAC & Piping manufacturers.


  • A set of CAD symbols from various industries.
  • Possibility to buy a single library, whole branch series or a whole set (Suite).
  • Compatibility with the latest CAD programs.
  • Possibility to create specifications.


  • A comprehensive program that help in designing.
  • Access to libraries of well-known manufacturers.
  • Extended content of symbols libraries and parametrical objects from many standards.
  • Advanced editor for schemes and diagrams.
  • Possibility to extend the databases on your own.
  • Tools for full description and projects detailing.
  • Compatibility with the latest CAD programs.
  • Extended specification creator.
  • Additional edition commands.
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