Safety information regarding programs downloaded from

Microsoft company recommends that users should download software directly from the producer's website. This website is the official website of the CADprofi company, which is the producer of CADprofi programs, as well as programs from the CADprofi OEM series. All programs available for download on our website are thoroughly tested by us for their safety, therefore it is safe to download and install them.

When user is downloading files using the Internet Explorer browser a warning message related to the SmartScreen filter may appear. These warnings just mean that the SmartScreen filter could not indetify these files yet.

If user gets a warning message during the file download or program installation, he should ignore them, because whole website is classified as trusted and all published files are safe.

Internet Explorer 11 - user should run or view downloaded files

Windows 10 - user should click More info and run the program

Our application are frequently updated, and thus the installlation files are often being changed. After each such change, the number of downloads of the file is not great, therefore in the initial period after publication of a new file, Internet Explorer may display warning messages. After some time, which is not dependent on us, the SmartScreen filter classifies our files as safe. This is shown in the below illustration: