CADprofi Electrical

Parametrische CAD-applicatie die het ontwerpen van complexe elektrische installaties, lichtinstallaties en telecommunicatie vereenvoudigen.

De elektrische module kan gebruikt worden om complexe installaties zoals kracht, licht, laagspanning, telecommunicatie, beveiliging en antenne-installaties te ontwerpen. De software bevat niet alleen duizenden symbolen, gebaseerd op de nieuwste elektrische normen, maar ook lampen, schakelapparatuur, en nog veel meer. De applicatie biedt een gemakkelijke manier van tekenen voor bekabeling en kabelgoten. Een van de meest handige functies is het automatisch nummeren (adressering) van elektrische circuits,en een handige blauwdruk en schema editor.

Key features

  • Power Distribution Scheme Creator instantly creates single-line schemes based on chosen symbols and product libraries. Automatic numbering of apparatuses, terminal blocks, selection of drawing sheets and systems of N lines (top/bottom of the scheme).
  • Designing power distribution, control and automation installations with usage of multivariant symbols that allows for any configuration of apparatus.
  • Complete symbols of IEC, NFPA, ISO, PN and other libraries that have been prepared in accordance with both national and international standards. Symbols can be inserted with automatic positioning, line interruptions, automatic numbering and labeling.
  • Complete libraries of leading manufacturers (ABB, EATON, Schneider Electric, SIEMENS, Hager, Lovato Electric, ETI, Legrand, Cablofi, DEHN, Noark Electric, Schrack Technik, F&F, RELPOL, Pulsar and others).
  • Designing on architectural plans, insertion of sockets and connectors, deployment of lighting fixtures, designing linear lighting and power of any energy type. Program also possesses the possibility to configure junction boxes with any configuration of sockets and connectors.
  • Lighting rails, equipment and dedicated lighting fixtures, LED strips 12V/24V, Slim, RGB, RGBW, CCT (two-color), RGB + CCT, COB with a set of connectors.
  • Quick addressing of objects and numbering of electrical circuits with automatic control of numbering correctness.
  • Predefined line circuit templates, distribution centres (switchgear), motor starters and many more.
  • A rich library of general views of modular apparatus, including: protection, control, switching, signaling, measuring, industrial, panel and switchgear apparatus.
  • A rich library of general views of modular, meter, multimedia, hermetic, flush-mounted and surface-mounted switchboards (distributors). Flush-mounted, surface-mounted and floor-standing system cabinets with elements of the development system and additional accessories: DIN TH35 mounting rails, busbars, comb channels.
  • Designing ICT cabinets with elements of structural cabling and fiber optic networks.
  • Fire alarm control panels, control panels - general views and system solutions by AWEX, Bosch, D+H, LST, POLON-ALFA, Satel, Siemens.
  • ENERGA switchgears (distributors): cable, cable and measurement connectors, cable and measurement cabinets, connectors and street lighting cabinets etc.
  • Designing automation systems - also with the use of PLC controllers, including Siemens LOGO!, SIMATIC S7-1200, SIMATIC S7-1500.
  • Convenient creator for creating PLC controller symbols - defining block elements, defining the type, quantity and description of the I/O.
  • Block diagrams, electrical schemes and symbols of electrical equipment used in designing of smart building (EIB/KNX installation symbols, controllers, alarm control panels, neurons, converters, input expanders, USB and HDMI extenders, PoE switches, modems, routers, cameras, sensors etc.).
  • Designing many types of low voltage installations, including alarm systems, supervision, IP video surveillance, antennas and others.
  • Designing cable routes with usage of convenient commands for drawing sequences of cable trays, ducts and cable ladders with automatic insertion of appropriate fittings. Cable trays can be drawn automatically along the indicated infoline.
  • Possibility to import luminaires from DIALux. During import all luminaires will be replaced with standard CADprofi blocks and information about them (name, type) will be taken from DIALux and replaced with appropriate attributes.
  • Designing lightning protection systems using system solutions by Elko-bis, BUDNIOK TECHNIKA and Pawbol.
  • Designing photovoltaic installations using products and ready-made PV solutions from ABB, DEHN, EATON, ETI, Hager, Noark Electric, Lovato Electric, Schneider Electric, SCHRACK Technik and other companies.
  • Designing busbars installations with the possibility to work in 2D or 3D.
  • Automatic generation of 2D views based on symbols used in the project.
  • Automatic selection of cabinet with the possibility of determining the space reserve for the needs of possible future expansion.
  • Bill of materials/specifications of amount of cables and other specifications that include parameters of electro-technical objects and their assignment to circuits
  • Designing is done in accordance with designers habits and requirements.
  • Metric or imperial units available.
  • Tools for full description and projects detailing.
  • Automatic numbering of objects.
  • A system of quick search of products in the database.
  • Access to CAD libraries of many world known manufacturers.
  • Possibility to important and add to the program user's own symbols or objects.
  • Automatic layer management and printing styles allows user to achieve prints with predefined line thickness, colours, etc.
  • Possibility to define the list of "favourites" that allows to work in accordance with user habits and preferences.
  • Possibility of adding your own translations or changing the terminology that is used in the program.
  • Smart insertion of objects with the possibility of attaching them to other objects by using the "one-click" technology.
  • Intelligent commands that allow for performing quick editing operations on symbols and objects directly in the drawing.
  • The Quick edit (QED) command that allows user to perform basic editing operations on symbols and objects, including edit, attributes and descriptions, mirror, scale, copy, rotate, delete, move, insert alternative view.
  • Possibility to create any diagrams, flowcharts, technological and functional schemes, algorithms.
  • Low-voltage, calling, video intercom and CCTV systems.
  • Possibility to create bill of materials and specifications that can be either printed or exported to multiple formats including pdf, rtf (doc), xls, xml, csv, html and more.
  • Automatic creation of graphical legends.
  • On-line help with many illustrations and exemplary videos that explain in details how to use the program.
  • On-line update system.

Schemes creator

Are you tired of drawing schemes manually? Would you like to generate them automatically? There is a way!

In CADprofi program, after selecting and placing the apparatus in the dialog window, you can automatically generate energy distribution schemes. In this way, you can quickly prepare the project focusing only on the selection of products and not on manual drawing.

CADprofi OEM

  • Access to libraries of many well-known electrical and HVAC & Piping manufacturers.


  • A set of CAD symbols from various industries.
  • Possibility to buy a single library, whole branch series or a whole set (Suite).
  • Compatibility with the latest CAD programs.
  • Possibility to create specifications.


  • A comprehensive program that help in designing.
  • Access to libraries of well-known manufacturers.
  • Extended content of symbols libraries and parametrical objects from many standards.
  • Advanced editor for schemes and diagrams.
  • Possibility to extend the databases on your own.
  • Tools for full description and projects detailing.
  • Compatibility with the latest CAD programs.
  • Extended specification creator.
  • Additional edition commands.
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Bekijk onze video tutorials!

Videos show efficient ways to creates by using the CADprofi Electrical add-on. After seeing these movies, you can continue to "manually" draw in your base CAD program. But will you still want to do it?


De Unicode-gebaseerde gebruikersinterface ondersteunt 25 talen, zoals Engels, Bulgaars, Chinees, Kroatisch, Tsjechisch, Deens, Nederlands, Fins, Frans, Duits, Grieks, Hongaars, Italiaans, Japans, Pools, Portugees, Roemeens, Russisch, Servisch, Sloveens, Spaans , Zweeds, Oekraïens en Turks.

Our software is available through well developed distributors network in many countries, thanks to this you can have direct support in your native language.

Maximale Compatibiliteit

Tienduizenden gebruikers van over de hele wereld hebben reeds gekozen voor de CADprofi pakketten. Dit is de reden waarom we altijd zorgvuldig de volledige compatibiliteit behouden met andere CAD-applicaties in elke nieuwe versie van onze software. CADprofi zal zichzelf automatisch configureren om optimaal compatibel te zijn met één van de geselecteerde softwareomgevingen (AutoCAD, ARES Commander Edition, BricsCAD, GstarCAD, ProgeCAD, ZWCAD en nog veel meer). Tekeningen gemaakt in CADprofi zijn volledig compatibel met DWG-en DXF-formaten en kunnen worden bewerkt in een CAD-applicatie zonder de noodzaak om onze applicatie te hebben. Wij ontwikkelen continu de CADprofi suite. Versies met nieuwe functies verschijnen meerdere keren per jaar, zodat de gebruikers beschikken over een verbeterde inhoud en functionaliteit. Onze online updates geven de gebruiker direct toegang tot de nieuwste software-technologie.

Eenvoudig in gebruik

CADprofi is een professioneel, parametrische CAD-applicatie die het ontwerpen versnelt. De toepassing van de handige, gebruiksvriendelijke, interface maakt het mogelijk om de software direct te gebruiken zonder de noodzaak voor een training. CADprofi is zeer populair onder architecten en ingenieurs, maar ook minder ervaren gebruikers, die slechts af en toe werken met CAD-tekeningen, zijn zeer lovend over de toegankelijkheid en functionaliteiten van onze software.

Uitgebreide functionaliteiten

Architecten, ingenieurs en ontwerpers gebruiken CADprofi om bouwprojecten, leidingsplannen, sanitair, ventilatie, elektriciteit en andere industriële installaties voor mechanische en structurele constructies te creëren. CADprofi bestaat uit de volgende modules:

Alle programmamodules zijn ook geschikt om al dan niet in combinatie met een andere module te werken. CADprofi is vooral ontwikkeld als een instrument dat wordt gebruikt in 2D en isometrische tekeningen. De continu bijgewerkte bibliotheek van objecten, ondersteund door vele fabrikanten vereenvoudigen ook aanzienlijk het 3D-ontwerp. De software is uitgerust met een rijk scala aan functies ter ondersteuning van de gebruiker op elk niveau van het ontwerpen: van automatisch nummeren en beschrijving tot een systeem om de bill-of-materials (BOM) te genereren en te exporteren naar een groot aantal bestandsformaten voor verdere bewerking (zoals doc, xls, xml en vele anderen).




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