Helps in designing evacuation plans
and fire protection installations.

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Evacuation plans and fire protection installations

CADprofi software is a comprehensive application that helps in designing in both construction and industry, with particular emphasis on plans and systems that ensure the safety of people staying in buildings. Several modules are available that help in designing industry projects related to fire protection and evacuation.

Design fast and convenient

Thanks to many features available in the CADprofi program you will perform your job much faster.


CADprofi Architectural

Application allows for quick drawing of building plans and creation of evacuation, fire protection and safety plans.

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CADprofi Electrical

Application enables the design of fire detection systems, emergency lighting and other intelligent building and safety systems.

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CADprofi HVAC & Piping

Application is used to design any piping and ventilation installations, including fire extinguishing installations and smoke venting systems.

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Key features

  • Drawing of single and multi-layered walls with the ability to define any material and thickness of each wall layer.
  • Drawing walls along the selected edge with the possibility to determine the offset from the indicated points or other objects.
  • Parametric woodwork (doors, windows, garage doors) with automatic detection of the wall thickness. Plan, cross-section, and elevation views are available. For parametrical objects user can specify any dimensions and properties.
  • Dynamic determination of the direction of doors insertion that facilitate the correct positioning.
  • Library of furniture, sanitary equipment, hydrants, cabinets with fire-fighting equipment etc.
  • Automatic defining and marking of rooms with surface calculation.
  • Designing of stairs with the possibility of determining the dimensions and number of treads. Various elements of stairs, from which user can build stairs with any number of treads, are available.
  • Architectural dimensioning that is suited for construction projects. Program allows user to change styles and dimension units regardless of which designing unit was used in the drawing (e.g. dimensioning in cm of drawing that were prepared in mm). A unique feature is the possibility to convert an ordinary CAD dimensioning into architectural dimensioning.
  • Drawing and editing emergency escape routes and plans, descriptions in accordance with ISO, PN and DIN.
  • Library of symbols, marks and signs from the health and safety, fire protection and public information.
  • Designing of electrical installations - emergency lighting, backlit escape signs, alarm and fire alarm systems, access control and alarm installations, video montoring system (CCTV), sound warning system, guaranteed power systems, staircases smoke ventig systems, fixed fire extinguishing devices, building control and management systems, cable route system, busbars, lighting protection systems and others.
  • Designing of water and sewage installations, including sprinkler systems, hydrants, dry risers, hydrophore stations and more.
  • Convenient drawing of pipe installations with automatic insertion of armature and fittings.
  • Ventilation installations including smoke venting systems. Possibility to draw any ventilation ducts with quick insertion of flaps and other equipment.
  • Designing is done in accordance with designers habits and requirements.
  • Metric or imperial units available.
  • Tools for full description and projects detailing.
  • Automatic numbering of objects.
  • A system of quick search of products in the database.
  • Access to CAD libraries of many world known manufacturers.
  • Possibility to important and add to the program user's own symbols or objects.
  • Automatic layer management and printing styles allows user to achieve prints with predefined line thickness, colours, etc.
  • Possibility to define the list of "favourites" that allows to work in accordance with user habits and preferences.
  • Possibility of adding your own translations or changing the terminology that is used in the program.
  • Smart insertion of objects with the possibility of attaching them to other objects by using the "one-click" technology.
  • Intelligent commands that allow for performing quick editing operations on symbols and objects directly in the drawing.
  • Possibility to create any diagrams, flowcharts, technological and functional schemes, algorithms.
  • Possibility to create bill of materials and specifications that can be either printed or exported to multiple formats including pdf, rtf (doc), xls, xml, csv, html and more.
  • Automatic creation of graphical legends.
  • On-line help with many illustrations and exemplary videos that explain in details how to use the program.
  • On-line update system.

CAD Expert

CADprofi company has received the CAD Expert certificate in the field of software that helps in designing of evacuation plans and fire protection installations.

As an expert, we participate in fire safety congresses, during which we conduct lectures on the design of fire protection installations.

Maximale Compatibiliteit

Tienduizenden gebruikers van over de hele wereld hebben reeds gekozen voor de CADprofi pakketten. Dit is de reden waarom we altijd zorgvuldig de volledige compatibiliteit behouden met andere CAD-applicaties in elke nieuwe versie van onze software. CADprofi zal zichzelf automatisch configureren om optimaal compatibel te zijn met één van de geselecteerde softwareomgevingen (AutoCAD, ARES Commander Edition, BricsCAD, GstarCAD, ProgeCAD, ZWCAD en nog veel meer). Tekeningen gemaakt in CADprofi zijn volledig compatibel met DWG-en DXF-formaten en kunnen worden bewerkt in een CAD-applicatie zonder de noodzaak om onze applicatie te hebben. Wij ontwikkelen continu de CADprofi suite. Versies met nieuwe functies verschijnen meerdere keren per jaar, zodat de gebruikers beschikken over een verbeterde inhoud en functionaliteit. Onze online updates geven de gebruiker direct toegang tot de nieuwste software-technologie.

Eenvoudig in gebruik

CADprofi is een professioneel, parametrische CAD-applicatie die het ontwerpen versnelt. De toepassing van de handige, gebruiksvriendelijke, interface maakt het mogelijk om de software direct te gebruiken zonder de noodzaak voor een training. CADprofi is zeer populair onder architecten en ingenieurs, maar ook minder ervaren gebruikers, die slechts af en toe werken met CAD-tekeningen, zijn zeer lovend over de toegankelijkheid en functionaliteiten van onze software.


De Unicode-gebaseerde gebruikersinterface ondersteunt 24 talen, zoals Engels, Bulgaars, Chinees, Kroatisch, Tsjechisch, Deens, Nederlands, Fins, Frans, Duits, Grieks, Hongaars, Italiaans, Japans, Pools, Portugees, Roemeens, Russisch, Servisch, Sloveens, Spaans , Zweeds en Turks.

Our software is available through well developed distributors network in many countries, thanks to this you can have direct support in your native language.

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Information regarding safety and terms of use of software downloaded from