Helpt bij het ontwerpen van architectonische en mechanische projecten, alsmede sanitair en elektrische installaties.

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Promotion - up to 50% cheaper at the end of the holiday

Returning to reality and everyday responsibilities after holidays can be difficult. So we decided to make it a bit more pleasant by renewing the promotional offer for CADprofi software. This is a great opportunity to purchase a package that speeds up the design process.

Products covered by the promotion:



CADprofi Suite - commercial license

Holidays are not to limit yourself! When you buy a CADprofi Suite package instead of a single module, you will ensure full functionality without any compromises. Full cooperation of all four industries - only now in a promotional offer cheaper by as much as 25%! Additionally you will receive
1 year of free subscription of package of additional benefits.



CADprofi Suite - update, crossupgrade

Do you have an older version of CADprofi? Now is the best time to update or upgrade it! For a small fee, you will receive the latest version of the program, access to all four modules that provide a full range of functionality and one year of free subscription of package of additional benefits. And it's all cheaper by 50%!


Promotion is valid till 03.09.2019.

Ontwerp snel en efficiënt

Thanks to many features available in the CADprofi program you will perform your job much faster.

For a small price you can easily draw and edit projects using advanced commands and the largest library of symbols and objects. CADprofi contains 4 modules that will satisfy the needs of every designer or CAD user:

Duizenden CAD symbolen

Don't waste your time on creating your own CAD blocks!

Buy professional libraries of symbols created in accordance with both national and international standards.

CP-Symbols contains 17 libraries, which can be bought separately or in branch series:

Smart symbol insertion, automatic creation of specifications are just some of program advantages.

Fabrikanten bibliotheken

Take advantage of a collection of libraries from many well-known manufacturers:

  • Apparatus and electrical switchboards.
  • Busbars, mesh cable trays.
  • Designing lighting protection system.
  • Armature, pumps, boilers, tanks, etc.
  • Elements of exhaust fumes/chimney installations.
  • Elements of plumbing installations.
  • Typical boiler systems.



De Unicode-gebaseerde gebruikersinterface ondersteunt 24 talen, zoals Engels, Bulgaars, Chinees, Kroatisch, Tsjechisch, Deens, Nederlands, Fins, Frans, Duits, Grieks, Hongaars, Italiaans, Japans, Pools, Portugees, Roemeens, Russisch, Servisch, Sloveens, Spaans , Zweeds en Turks.

Our software is available through well developed distributors network in many countries, thanks to this you can have direct support in your native language.

Maximale Compatibiliteit

Tienduizenden gebruikers van over de hele wereld hebben reeds gekozen voor de CADprofi pakketten. Dit is de reden waarom we altijd zorgvuldig de volledige compatibiliteit behouden met andere CAD-applicaties in elke nieuwe versie van onze software. CADprofi zal zichzelf automatisch configureren om optimaal compatibel te zijn met één van de geselecteerde softwareomgevingen (AutoCAD, ARES Commander Edition, BricsCAD, GstarCAD, ProgeCAD, ZWCAD en nog veel meer). Tekeningen gemaakt in CADprofi zijn volledig compatibel met DWG-en DXF-formaten en kunnen worden bewerkt in een CAD-applicatie zonder de noodzaak om onze applicatie te hebben. Wij ontwikkelen continu de CADprofi suite. Versies met nieuwe functies verschijnen meerdere keren per jaar, zodat de gebruikers beschikken over een verbeterde inhoud en functionaliteit. Onze online updates geven de gebruiker direct toegang tot de nieuwste software-technologie.


BIM (Building Information Modeling) technology is increasingly used in building design. Classification and management of layers based on Open BIM (IFC classification) is avilable in the CADprofi program. BIM data is included in specifications and can be transferred to applications that are used during the investment phase. Additionally our company creates data in BIM (including rfa Revit format) for many manufacturers. 3D models included in our software can also be used in many CAD programs that allow to import and export files in IFC standard.

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Information regarding safety and terms of use of software downloaded from