Sales and licensing questions

1. How to transfer the license to another computer or operating system?
  1. Download the latest installation file or another version to which you have rights (with earlier date than the maintenance expiration date).
  2. Install and configure CADprofi to your base CAD program on a new computer.
  3. (Optionally) If user made libraries, symbols, line or objects were defined on the previous computer, then the UserData folder (which is located in the main CADprofi folder), as well as, Working_symbols, Working_folder and Working_parametrics (which are located in the Producers folders) should be copied to the new computer.
  4. Remove the license from the previous computer. To do this, open the Activation and registration dialog window that is available in the CADprofi – About command, right click on the displayed serial numer and from the pop-up menu select the Remove option.
  5. Restore the previous settings on your base CAD program on the previous computer. This operation is required in order to remove any information about CADprofi from the base CAD program. This operation should be done by selecting the Restore CAD option that is available in the CADprofi Configuration program window.
  6. Activate the serial numer on the new computer. The recommended method is the On-line Activation (this option is available in the Activation and registration dialog window).

Detailed information about registering and activating the license can be found in this video: Activating CADprofi license