Partners about CADprofi


    "By my opinion, CADprofi is very important for us because it helps to sell GstarCAD licenses much easier. GstarCAD user is getting with CADprofi more sophisticated CAD solution, than with pure GstarCAD only."

    "Our drafting time is shorten as never been before. Help us much save time and accuracy. We would like to thank you to CADprofi software and local partner brought the better thing to us."

    "CADprofi software is very important for GstarCAD sales because it provides vertical solutions for specific customer needs. A good opportunity is to create combined bundle offer."
    CAD2B, UK

    "We are very pleased with the cooperation of our program with CADprofi. Thanks to CADprofi, GstarCAD users gain a lot of useful features that allow them to increase the speed and effectiveness of their work."
    MT Partner (TMSys), POLAND

    "We are happy to say that CADprofi has proved to be a very popular Add On for our customers."
    Perico AS, NORWAY

    "CADprofi applications together with ZWCAD are the perfect bundle."

    "We find CADprofi Add-ons very useful, since they are highly professional and integrate with ZWCAD software extremely well. As such they are very well accepted among our users as well."
    BiroCom2000 (SLOVENIA / AUSTRIA)

    "CADprofi is a good ally of ZWCAD, and the combination of both allows our clients to reach maximum productivity."

    "CADprofi efficient helps in successful distribution."
    encee CAD/CAM Systeme GmbH, GERMANY

"Development Partner of the Year 2017" award

During the GstarCAD Global Partner Symposium 2018, CADprofi received the "Development Partner of the Year 2017" award.

We would like to thank Gstarsoft, producer of GstarCAD for this distinction. We have been cooperating with Gstarsoft since 2008, ensuring maximum CADprofi compatibility with new versions of GstarCAD. We believe that the CADprofi and GstarCAD software is a perfect combination that combines speed and performance with convenience of use.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank our customers and distributors. We are grateful for the trust that has been shown to us, which has enabled us to achieve success.

Elektrolaur Mazowsza

La società CADprofi ha ricevuto il premio "Elektrolaur Mazowsza" nella categoria delle vendite sul mercato internazionale. Il premio è stato assegnato dalla sezione di Varsavia dell'Associazione degli ingegneri elettrici polacchi.

Lo sviluppo sul mercato internazionale è un elemento importante per noi. Grazie a questo programma CADprofi è utilizzato in 24 lingue in oltre 100 paesi da oltre 126 mila utenti. Attualmente abbiamo due uffici principali (Polonia, Germania), quattro uffici di rappresentanza (Italia, Russia, Tailandia, Giappone) e una rete di distribuzione - oltre 100 partner commerciali che vendono il nostro programma in tutto il mondo, grazie a questo i clienti possono avere un supporto diretto nel loro lingua nativa.

Fire Safety Congress Certificate

CADprofi company has received the CAD Expert certificate in the field of software that helps in designing of evacuation plans and fire protection installations.

As an expert, we participate in fire safety congresses, during which we conduct lectures on the design of fire protection installations.

CADprofi premiato come "Trusted Solutions 2018/2019"

Oltre 3100 utenti e 29 specialisti IT reclutati dal Market Research Institute Statista hanno valutato diversi produttori di software professionali. I migliori fornitori sono stati selezionati in base a fiducia, efficienza, affidabilità, sicurezza, sviluppi, penetrazione del mercato e valutazione degli esperti.

Il programma CADprofi ha ricevuto il titolo "Trusted Solutions 2018/2019" nella categoria Software CAD. Nella categoria "Do you recommend to others", abbiamo ricevuto la valutazione più alta "molto buona"

Vorremmo cogliere l'occasione per ringraziare tutti i nostri clienti, perché solo grazie alla loro fiducia abbiamo potuto ricevere questo premio. Questa ottima opinione su CADprofi ci motiva per il futuro, per fare in modo che la nostra soluzione sia migliore e ancora più user-friendly.

SEP recommends CADprofi

Center for Appraisal and Technical Services - Warsaw Branch of the Association of Polish Electrical Engineers recommends the CADprofi Electrical program.

According to SEP, the CADprofi Electrical program allows user to automate various types of design work in the CAD program by using many advanced commands and an extensive library of symbols and objects. Both the company and the product are worth recommending.

Golden Volt

ElkoBis-CAD is recommended by the Polish Lighting Protection Committe.

Program has been awarded during the Bielsko Fair ENERGETAB 2013 with the Golden Volt Statuette for the best electrotechnical product.

Press releases

CADprofi awarded with a Trusted Solutions 2019 title
Second year in a row CADprofi program received the title "Trusted Solutions" in the CAD Software category. Over 3000 users and 28 IT specialists recruited by the Market Research Institute Statista rated software suppliers for companies. Best software suppliers were selected based on user trust, efficiency, reliability, security, further development, market penetration and expert evaluation. Bricsys news, read more:
BricsCAD & CADprofi – A perfect combination
CADprofi - a professional CAD addon that contains four industry modules: HVAC & Piping, Electrical, Mechanical, and Architectural. Design features include a large library of industry-standard objects, tools to speed up drawing of architectural plans, automate drawing of installation views, and even automatically generate electrical diagrams, to name but a few. Bricsys blog, read more:
CADprofi Plugins for ARES Commander
CADprofi Plugins helps in designing architectural and mechanical projects, as well as plumbing and electrical installations. Cut down on the time you would work on your projects and finish your job much faster with the help of CADprofi Plugins which extends the functionality of ARES Commander by providing new commands and data specific to your project. Gräbert blog, read more:
CADprofi and ZWCAD: Professional CAD Solutions for Architects and More
For over a decade, CADprofi® and ZWCAD have been offering professionals better CAD programs together. Now, with the CADprofi® 2020 suite ported to ZWCAD 2020, architects, constructors, mechanics, and electrical engineers can deliver first-rate projects with fewer exertions. ZWCAD press release, read more:
A Perfect Combination For Architectural, Engineering, HVAC, Piping And Electrical Design
IntelliCAD® software, developed by the IntelliCAD Technology Consortium and its members as CMS, is a powerful CAD platform that combines advanced 2D tools and intelligent 3D direct modelling. In the interests of the highest quality of development, CMS cooperates with application developers who create their products and expand the functionality of IntelliCAD. One of these applications is CADprofi - a professional CAD ad-don that contains four industry modules: HVAC & Piping, Electrical, Mechanical and Architectural. CMS IntelliCAD blog, read more:
Free CAD libraries of known manufacturers for CMS IntelliCAD CAD Software
CP-Manufacturers are free CAD add-ons for IntelliCAD® software that contain products of world known manufacturers used in sanitary, central heating, ventilation, electrical and other types of installations. Benefit from a collection of more than 40 CAD libraries. CMS IntelliCAD blog, read more:
GstarCAD + CADprofi = maximum efficiency
Thanks to many features available in the CADprofi program you will extend the functionality of GstarCAD with new commands and content. This will help you in finishing your job much faster. Thanks to CADprofi you will have access to the latest libraries of world well-known manufacturers (like ABB, Legrand, WILO, Vaillant etc.) and a large library of products prepared in both national and international standards (including EN, ISO, IEC, ANSI, ASME, ASTM, NFPA, AS, PN, DIN, LVS, NORSOK, ÖNORM, GOST, JIS). This list is not limited, as user can extend libraries and add their own symbols and objects. GstarCAD blog, read more: