CP-Symbols Mechanical Series includes a basic library for symbols and standardized elements that are used in mechanical projects.
CP-Symbols Mechanical Series consists of five libraries. Each library can be bought separately, as a series or in a CP-Symbols Suite package.
Standardized partsCP-Symbols Mechanical - Standardized parts 120 €
Steel shapesCP-Symbols Mechanical - Steel shapes 120 €
MarksCP-Symbols Mechanical - Marks 120 €
Hydraulics and pneumaticsCP-Symbols Mechanical - Hydraulics and pneumatics 120 €
Flowcharts and diagramsCP-Symbols - Flowcharts and diagrams 120 €
CP-Symbols Mechanical SeriesCP-Symbols Mechanical Series (includes all 5 libraries) 600 € 240 €
CP-Symbols HVAC & Piping SeriesCP-Symbols Electrical SeriesCP-Symbols Mechanical SeriesCP-Symbols Architectural SeriesCP-Symbols Suite (includes all 4 series) 2040 € 480 €

A more extensive program is CADprofi Mechanical -

Hundreds of standards

CADprofi Mechanical program is equipped with an extensive set of standardized parts, apparatus construction, steel fittings and other steel products, hydraulic and pneumatic objects, marks, as well as, other elements based on both local and international standards.