The below video tutorials may differ from your program version.


CADprofi HVAC & Piping in 6 minutes

Schemes: working with symbols

Schemes: predefined diagrams, heating circuits

Schemes: symbols edition

Cross symbols

Quick and automatic drawing description

Advanced creation of specifications

Drawing strand diagrams

Drawing air condition installations

Defining user schemes

Designing chimney systems

Arranging objects (command extension)

User symbols - creation and edition

Defining user tables

Quick drawing of installations along the infoline

'CADprofi Explode' + Infoblocks

Export of CADprofi projects to the IFC format

Smart erase + double-click management

Quick change of fitting type

Attribute height


Presentation of VaillantCAD - designing recoVAIR ventilation centres

Presentation of KaMo-CAD - hydraulic calculations

CADprofi - promotional video

CADprofi HVAC & Piping: main program commands

Schemes: drawing lines

Schemes: simultaneous insertion of multisymbols to the drawing

Elements numbering and edition of their technical parameters

Lines edition

Creating legends and specifications

Working in isometry and creating your own symbols

Drawing pipelines installations

Drawing P&ID schemes

Calculations of air velocity

Arranging objects

Translating the program

Defining user parametrical objects

Importing blocks downloaded from manufacturers

Advanced usage of quick edit function

Classification and management of layers based on Open BIM

Layer management

Quick 2D connections

Fillet polyline

Designing evacuation and safety plans

Presentation of KaMo-CAD - creating multivariant schemes

Presentation of Magnaplast - sewage installations