CP-Symbols Architectural Series includes a basic library for symbols and standardized elements that are used in mechanical projects.
CP-Symbols Architectural Series consists of five libraries. Each library can be bought separately, as a series or in a CP-Symbols Suite package.
WoodworksCP-Symbols Architectural - Woodworks
120 €
InteriorCP-Symbols Architectural - Interior
120 €
MarksCP-Symbols Architectural - Marks
120 €
Safety and evacuationCP-Symbols Architectural - Safety and evacuation
120 €
Flowcharts and diagramsCP-Symbols - Flowcharts and diagrams
120 €
CP-Symbols Architectural SeriesCP-Symbols Architectural Series (includes all 5 libraries)
600 € 240 €
CP-Symbols HVAC & Piping SeriesCP-Symbols Electrical SeriesCP-Symbols Mechanical SeriesCP-Symbols Architectural SeriesCP-Symbols Suite (includes all 4 series) 2040 € 480 €

A more extensive program is CADprofi Architectural -

Architectural - Marks library possesses the most important marks used in architectural drawings, including: rooms marks, woodwork
marks etc.

In the Architectural - Marks library the following symbols categories can be found:

  • room definition,
  • level symbols,
  • carpentry symbols,
  • topographical symbols,
  • arrows,
  • entrances (e.g. entry located at the ground level or above, entry located below the ground level),
  • slopes.